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Amy Duggar Fires Back At Internet Troll Who Says She Should ‘Pop Out’ More Kids: ‘The Audacity’

Reality star Amy Duggar has clapped again at a fan who provided their unsolicited ideas on what number of youngsters she ought to have.

Amy Duggar doesn’t have time for web trolls. The mother-of-one has fired again at a social media person who provided their unsolicited recommendation on whether or not the fact star ought to have extra youngsters. Amy gave birth to her son Daxton Ryan one 12 months in the past, and took to Instagram on October 18 to “speak [her] mind” a couple of direct message she acquired. “I think what really got to me was the fact that this total stranger apparently knows my body so well!?” the niece of Jim Bob Duggar wrote.

“I’m flabbergasted that someone would have the audacity to type these words to anyone!! I mean. Who in their right mind says ‘I think your body is ready to pop out more kids’ to a total stranger?!” The screenshot which Amy shared to Instagram, with the identify redacted, was an iMessage which learn, “Aren’t you a little behind some other famous people who are having 4 babies by the time they are 20.” The particular person then continued, “I think your body is fine to have more. You have a fun life but don’t be selfish with your life. Pick up the pace you should have been pregnant again like yesterday.”

Amy Duggar has clapped again at a fan. Image: Paige Kindlick/HollywoodLife

In her caption, Amy emphasised how “tired” she was having undergone a c-section and now raising a toddler. “C- sections are no joke and vertigo is/ was very hard on me. I still get dizzy sometimes but I’m getting stronger everyday,” she wrote. “This pandemic has been so rough on so many people and my business has taken a hit just like so many others. I need to be on my A game. I need to give it my all. Children are such a blessing, but I can’t imagine being pregnant again right now. I’d be unmotivated, emotional, stressed out and not in a good head space and that’s ok to admit.”

Amy then continued, ”A ladies’s [sic] physique shouldn’t be a manufacturing facility!! Yes our our bodies can do miraculous issues! But I hate that phrase ‘pop out’ umm. No. It’s WORK … Too a lot noise, chaos, it’s simply not for me. But kudos to these mama’s who do! God gave you tremendous human power.”

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