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‘Fear The Walking Dead’s Zoe Colletti Went From Being An ‘Avid Fan’ To ‘TWD’ Universe’s Newest Star

Zoe Colletti has nabbed an important position in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 6. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Zoe concerning the tense dynamic between Dakota and Virginia, how her love for ‘TWD’ universe has come full circle, and extra.

Zoe Colletti stars as Dakota within the all-new season of Fear the Walking Dead. She made her first look within the Oct. 18 episode. Dakota is the youthful sister of Virginia, the chief of the Pioneers. Dakota is a rebellious teenager who will undoubtedly be giving her massive sister hassle this season. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with the younger actress about exploring extra of Dakota and Virginia’s advanced relationship in season 6.

Zoe Colletti as Dakota on ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ (AMC)

“We are going to dive into some really interesting dynamics between Virginia and Dakota,” Zoe teased. “Whether it’s good or bad, I definitely can’t say. Even if it wasn’t the apocalypse, any kind of parental figure for a teenage girl would be a super interesting relationship to look at. But when you throw zombies and the apocalypse into that, it’s obviously going to cause more drama.”

Given that her sister is the chief of the Pioneers, ought to we belief Dakota? “Dakota has a lot of really cool character arcs throughout the season that I was super thankful and honored to get to play on the show with this cast,” Zoe continued. “She has an interesting plotline. Unfortunately, I can’t really say a ton about the direction the show is going to go into. But I’m sure you can imagine that being under the regime in this kind of town with the type of person that her older sister is, you’re bound to see some pretty interesting things happening with Dakota.”

Zoe Colletti
Zoe Colletti was an enormous fan of ‘TWD’ earlier than becoming a member of the universe. (Photographer: Francis Hills // Styling: Madison Guest // Hair: Josue Perez // Makeup: Jessi Butterfield)

Before getting forged on Fear the Walking Dead, Zoe thought of herself a fan of The Walking Dead universe. “I was an avid fan,” she revealed. “I was sometimes waiting six hours in line to get autographs. It was an obsession for me. I remember when I was younger and first watching the show, I was tweeting the creators, ‘Please, I’m an actor. I’ll just be a zombie. I don’t care. I’ll be an extra. I just want to be on the show.’ So going from that at like 12 years old and now being almost 19 and being a part of the show in a serious role is pretty surreal for me. It’s coming almost full circle for the one job that I felt was my dream show to be on.”

Zoe Colletti

Zoe Colletti within the Oct. 18 episode of ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ (AMC)Zoe couldn’t assist however rave of her new co-stars. “I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be jumping into a show that’s already so successful. It’s been a phenomenal experience to get to join this cast and be a part of everything.” Fear the Walking Dead season 6 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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