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Haunting of Bly Manor Episode 9 Explained

Spoilers for The Haunting of Bly Manor episode 9, “The Beast in the Jungle.”

If you’ve got already completed bingeing The Haunting of Bly Manor then, initially, congratulations. You are what all people’s favourite haunted orphan, Flora, would deem “perfectly splendid.” Second, you are most likely reeling from the finale, which dealt its viewers an emotional sucker punch by way of the conclusion of Dani and Jamie’s love story, adopted by a dizzyingly twist-packed ultimate ten minutes. Let’s talk about precisely what’s occurring in that ultimate sequence, and particularly with Carla Gugino’s mysterious character, the Storyteller.

The present opens with a voiceover from Gugino’s character, who has a Northern English accent and quotes lyrics from the track “O Willow Waly”: “We lay my love and I beneath the weeping willow /but now alone I lie and weep beside the tree.” As this voiceover takes place, we see the girl operating a shower and her reflection within the floor of the water. The track is important as a result of it was initially created for the 1961 film The Innocents, which—identical to this sequence—is an adaptation of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw. But the deeper significance of the lyrics for the Storyteller, and the bath, will not turn into clear till the finale.

The present is bookended by a sequence set the night time earlier than a marriage in 2007, at a fort someplace in northern California. As the visitors sit round a fire, their dialog turns to ghosts; the fort they’re in is allegedly haunted. Gugino’s character volunteers to inform a ghost story, which she warns is on the prolonged facet, and for some purpose all people is completely on board with this plan, as a result of who actually wants to sleep the night time earlier than a marriage? She proceeds to inform the story, which takes us a few decades back in time, to 1980s England and the principle motion of the present.


As the season unfolds, and we watch Dani (Victoria Pedretti) turn into entangled in the mysterious hauntings of Bly Manor, the Storyteller stays current by way of voiceover, narrating the motion from time to time. Dani develops a touching relationship with Bly Manor’s gardener, Jamie (Amelia Eve), and their love story turns into the emotional anchor of the sequence. And finally—the precise second relies on how intently you are watching—you place two and two collectively. It’s not a coincidence that Gugino’s narrator has the identical accent as Jamie. She is Jamie.

Knowing that it is Jamie narrating actually adjustments how a lot of the present performs. Take the memorable first non-meeting between Dani and Jamie within the kitchen, the place they do not acknowledge one another in any respect but clearly discover one another. “The gardener did not even introduce herself to the new au pair,” the narrator notes. “She barely acknowledged her at all. Simply treated her as if she’d always been there. The others in the room just assumed they’d already met. Which, if she were honest, was how the au pair felt when she first saw the young woman.” We do not query why the narrator is aware of this—she’s been established as a reasonably omniscient narrator by this level—however realizing that Jamie is describing the second makes her alternative of phrases rather more loaded.

Similarly, her description of how Jamie copes after dropping Dani turns into really devastating as soon as the twist is revealed. “For the rest of her days, the gardener would gaze into reflections, hoping to see her face,” the Storyteller explains. “Her own Lady in the Lake. She’d leave a door open at night, just a crack, should she ever come back.” The ultimate shot of the sequence is Jamie, now performed by Gugino, doing precisely that. She gazes into the floor of the water within the bathtub, then leaves her door open, hoping in useless that tonight would be the night time Dani comes again.

haunting of bly manor finale


As Jamie notes on the very finish of her story, she is aware of deep down that it is futile. Dani will not ever return, as a result of now that she’s Bly Manor’s new Lady within the Lake, her recollections will fade identical to Viola’s, and she or he will not keep in mind Jamie in any respect. The solely hint of who she was will probably be “in the memory of the woman who loved her most” … who can also be the girl telling the story.

Let’s return to the lyrics of “O Willow Waly,” the haunting track that Jamie quotes within the intro voiceover, and which recurs just a few occasions all through the season:

We lay my love and I beneath the weeping willow / But now alone I lie and weep beside the tree
Singing “Oh willow waly” by the tree that weeps with me / Singing “Oh willow waly” until my lover return to me
We lay my love and I beneath the weeping willow / A damaged coronary heart have I. Oh willow I die, oh willow I die

Knowing what we all know now, these lyrics just about learn like Jamie’s life story. Yes, you possibly can ship your remedy payments on to Mike Flanagan—I most actually am.

But it isn’t a completely tragic ending, as a result of Jamie’s dialog with the Bride, aka Flora, makes clear she’s discovered a technique to stay with the lack of Dani. Flora has fortunately forgotten every thing she skilled at Bly as a baby, so she skilled Jamie’s story as if it had been fully new to her. But she’s nonetheless moved to tears afterward, and worries about dropping her personal husband in the future.

“It will be hard, every day, and it won’t get easier,” Jamie says. “But eventually, after some time, you’ll find little moments, little pieces of your life that remind you of him. And they’ll be silly and dumb, or they’ll be sad and you’ll cry for hours. But they’ll still be a piece of him, and you’ll hold them tight. It’ll be like he’s here with you, even though he’s gone.”

haunting of bly manor finale


They share a hug, and Flora reveals that she is, in truth, Flora. We get a bittersweet marriage ceremony montage the place Jamie exchanges significant glances with an older Owen and Henry—and imagines them as their youthful selves. It’s clear from these appears to be like that they remember their time at Bly, so Jamie’s not fully alone in her recollections of what occurred on the manor. And because the sequence is all in regards to the self-destructive impulse to lock your self away in reminiscence to flee actuality, that is as near a contented ending as we might ask for.

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