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How to Get Rid of Acne Scarring, According to a Derm

DON’T: Cake in your make-up. Instead, permit the pores and skin to breathe, heal, and be in as pure of a state as attainable. 

DON’T: Pick your pores and skin. “If the pimple is popped, squeezed, extracted, or even scratched the wrong way, it can rupture, causing an acne scar,” warns Hernandez. “Always allow any scabs to completely heal and fall off on their own. The skin underneath the scab is regenerating and growing, and if the scab is picked off too soon, and the skin cells have not had the chance to heal and re-grow, you can be left with hyperpigmentation, a depression, or a scar.”

DO: See an actual knowledgeable. “Don’t take risks with your skin and don’t look at online blogs, social media, or do-it-yourself websites for help… you could risk more damage to your skin,” says Nazarian.

DO:  Avoid lengthy durations of solar publicity. Carry/put on a hat always, at all times put on SPF, and reapply after two hours.

DO: Be affected person.Beautiful pores and skin takes compassion, dedication, and persistence,” Hernandez reminds us. “It is achievable for everyone with the proper education of their own skin, in addition to consistency with at-home product use and in-office treatments.”

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This piece was initially revealed at an earlier date and has since been up to date.

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