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Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez & More Stars Endorse Joe Biden For President

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have gained endorsements from loads of highly effective celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift. Here’s who else is voting for them on November 3.

As November Three nears, celebrities are popping out in droves to have a good time, and endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The Democratic nominees for president and vice chairman have racked up endorsements from some main heavy hitters on the planet of leisure, together with Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Hailey Baldwin, and SO many extra. And presumably, meaning a lot of their followers will observe go well with in the case of casting their ballots on Election Day. Here’s 12 of the largest celebrities who’ve supported Biden and Harris within the 2020 presidential election, and disavowed the Republican nominee, President Donald Trump.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

The energy couple chatted by way of distant video with Joe and spouse Dr. Jill Biden on Oct. 16. In the YouTube video, the previous VP requested what points mattered probably the most to Jennifer, 51, and Alex, 45, proper now. “Our voice has by no means been extra vital, and we need to come collectively as a workforce to defeat COVID and rebuild this U.S. economic system,” Alex shared. Jen mentioned, “For me its about reunifying the nation and eliminating this hate. Thinking about my children strolling round in a world the place it’s okay to be racist and prejudiced trigger our administration says it’s okay. That to me is absolutely mentioned, as a result of that’s not the nation I grew up in.”

“My hope and quest for the Latino group is that they begin understanding their power. What they imply to this nation. That their votes counts,” Jennifer continued, to which Joe informed the entertainer she was “absolutely right.” Jill assured Jen that she’s been assembly with teams of Latino ladies and has informed them, “If I have the honor of being the next first lady, Latino women will have a seat at the table.”

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey, 23, is a devoted political activist and has spent 2020 encouraging her followers to register to vote. The mannequin, one of many faces of Levi’s voting campaign, shared a particular message to her Instagram story on October 1. Calling this election “important,” Hailey urged, “You may not think your vote counts or matters but the reason we are in this current situation is because people thought their vote wasn’t going to make a difference… THIS IS THE TIME TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND CHANGE. PLEASE VOTE.”

Though it was implied earlier than, Hailey didn’t make a definitive endorsement of Biden till October 10. Wearing a Biden t-shirt on Instagram, she wrote, “It’s world mental health day, and something that has affected my mental health is the state of our country and the future of our country. I have hope, but we need to collectively make the change we want for our future and that means getting out there to VOTE!!!”

Taylor Swift

Taylor, 30, is so enthusiastic about electing Biden and Harris that she made cookies to celebrate. The “Lover” singer opted to remain silent through the 2016 election and never endorse both candidate. But in 2020, she’s vowed to make use of her sizable platform to be politically lively. She mentioned in an announcement to V Magazine on September 29, the evening of the vice presidential election, “The change we’d like most is to elect a president who acknowledges that folks of coloration need to really feel secure and represented, that ladies deserve the proper to decide on what occurs to their our bodies, and that the LGBTQIA+ group deserves to be acknowledged and included.

“Everyone deserves a government that takes global health risks seriously and puts the lives of its people first,” she continued. “The only way we can begin to make things better is to choose leaders who are willing to face these issues and find ways to work through them… I will proudly vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in this year’s presidential election. Under their leadership, I believe America has a chance to start the healing process it so desperately needs.”

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish, 18, is casting her first vote for president ever for Biden. The singer performed on the first night of the Democratic National Convention in August, additionally sharing a message together with her younger followers concerning the significance of voting. “You don’t need me to tell you things are a mess,” Billie mentioned. “Donald Trump is destroying our nation and every part we care about.

“We want leaders who will clear up issues like local weather change and COVID, and never deny them. Leaders who will combat towards systemic racism and inequality,” she continued. “The only way to be certain of the future is to make it ourselves. Silence is not an option and we can’t sit this one out. We all have to vote like our lives depend on it, because they do.”

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Though the ability couple backed Senator Elizabeth Warren within the primaries, John Legend, 41, and Chrissy Teigen, 34, have put their full weight behind Biden and Harris. John carried out twice on the Democratic National Convention in August, and Chrissy spoke to Marie Claire about their resolution. “We are proud to stand behind Biden. We’re not only voting for Biden because it’s not Trump. We’re voting for him because we think he’s going to do an incredible job of bringing a bit of healing to the country,” she mentioned within the October 2020 situation.

“We are a divided, hurt nation that needs to be brought back together. [Biden is] someone who looks into issues with clear eyes, empathy, and understanding from being involved in politics,” she continued. “I additionally take a look at a presidential candidate as somebody I would like my children to have the ability to look as much as. I don’t see that in Donald Trump or any of his family.”

Cardi B

We all know that Senator Bernie Sanders is Cardi B‘s guy. But she made it clear in 2020 that she’s all for Biden. She even took us again to her well-known Sanders interview by having a candid dialogue with Biden for Elle Magazine in August (watch above). I desire a president who makes me really feel safe. I desire a president who understands the ache of the individuals. I desire a president who’s going to offer us solutions,” Cardi explained to Elle.

Cardi, 28, spoke to The Breakfast Club about Biden, as effectively. “I always felt like Biden balanced Obama because I thought he was conservative and that’s what swayed the conservative votes, the ones in the middle,” she mentioned on the August 7 episode. “Knowing him and everything, I think he’s getting it and I think he understands the people’s pain. He’s getting what we want. People think we want so much, but we want really simple things if you really think about it.”

Stephen & Ayesha Curry

Steph and Ayesha Curry recorded an at-home video for the Democratic National Convention, that includes cameos from daughters Riley and Ryan, telling the world why they need Biden and Harris to steer the nation. “We want to ensure that our kids live in a nation that is safe, happy, healthy and fair and so this election …” Ayesha began. “We’re voting or Joe Biden,” Steph chimed in. “Every election is important. This upcoming election is especially important. One, because the social injustices right now, racial inequality, but also because we have children,” mentioned Ayesha.


Halsey, 26, has labored diligently to convince her fans to vote within the 2020 presidential election. The “Without Me” singer sat down with Sanders, whom she supported within the primaries, for what she billed as an “intimate conversation to discuss the future of America, some of the most important issues facing our nation, and why they’ll be voting for Joe Biden in November.” During the dialog, Halsey known as the September 29 debate “arguably one of the most frustrating pieces of television I’ve ever had the misfortune of witnessing.”

Carey Hart

BMX star Carey Hart, 45, is a lifelong Republican. But even he can be voting for Biden on November 3. After sharing a video of himself educating his children how you can shoot, he was questioned by a fan on Twitter. “It’s badass you might be educating your children. Which is why I’m so confused you’ll assist the Democrats who’ve acknowledged they are going to take our weapons.
Unless solely the wealthy can be allowed the privilege.

“Let that sink in as to why people will vote Trump,” the fan wrote. To which Carey replied, “1st they don’t want to take your guns, and why has none of the 44 before been able to take them?? Second I’m a republican who hates Trump, so I have no choice.” Carey’s spouse, Pink, is politically lively, and the couple attended Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles over the summer season.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 48, is an Independent who has made his disdain for Trump identified, particularly after the loss of life of George Floyd. At the time, The Rock called out the president on Instagram, writing, “Our country is crippled and on its knees, begging to be heard and pleading for change. Where is our compassionate leader? The leader who unifies and inspires our country at our most painful time when we need it the most. The leader who steps up and takes full accountability for our country and embraces every color in it.”

He formally endorsed Biden and Harris on September 27. “As a registered Independent for years now with centrist ideologies, I do feel that Vice President Biden and Senator Harris are the best choice to lead our country, and I am endorsing them to become President, and Vice President, of our United States,” The Rock mentioned in a video, which included a short interview with Biden and Harris. He added that he believes this to be “arguably the most critical election our nation has seen in many years.”

Cindy McCain

As the spouse of late Republican Senator John McCain, Cindy McCain‘s endorsement of Biden speaks volumes. However, it’s not precisely shocking; Biden and McCain were best friends for many years, and spoke about their capability to maintain a friendship regardless of differing political opinions. Cindy, 66, filmed a marketing campaign advert for Biden, stating that she believed her husband would have endorsed him, as effectively.

If you haven’t registered to vote but, there’s nonetheless time in lots of states to get that achieved. You can register right here, on HollywoodLife, by merely filling out the shape under:

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