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Kamala Harris Didn’t Make One Mention Of Impeachment During Debate

2020 Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris curiously didn’t have something to say Wednesday evening about her social gathering’s years-long impeachment campaign towards President Trump over alleged “Russian collusion.”

But Mike Pence did.

I can’t be the one individual in America who finds it unusual that neither the Democrat Party’s presidential or vice presidential nominees talked about that their opponent was impeached (even when the Senate didn’t convict).

After all, impeachment is extraordinarily uncommon. So why don’t the Democrats assault the Trump administration for it?

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Pence to Harris: Democrats Spent The Last 3.5 Years Trying To Overturn The Last Election

Democrat reticence to assault Trump for being impeached is particularly ironic, given the deluge of claims from the media and Democrats that Trump will “refuse to peacefully transfer power” if he loses the election.

The impeachment rip-off was the end result of Democrats refusing to accept the results of the 2016 election.

Some are even saying the left will refuse to accept the results again in 2020, ought to Trump emerge victorious.

When Susan Page, the moderator of the primary and solely 2020 vice presidential debate, requested if President Donald Trump would settle for a “peaceful transfer of power” ought to he lose in November, Pence determined it was a superb time to deliver the difficulty up.

“When you talk about accepting the outcome of the election, I must tell you, Senator, your party has spent the last three and a half years trying to overturn the results of the last election,” Pence charged.

“It’s amazing,” he added.

Pence Says Democrats Spied On Trump-Pence 2016 Campaign

Vice President Pence took it a step additional – noting that the left’s refusal to just accept the outcomes of the 2016 election got here even earlier than the election occurred.

“When Joe Biden was vice president of the United States, the FBI actually spied on President Trump and my campaign,” Pence mentioned.

He continued, “There were documents released this week that the CIA actually made a referral to the FBI documenting that those allegations were coming from the Hillary Clinton campaign, and of course, we’ve all seen the avalanche, what you put the country through for the better part of three years until it was found that there was no obstruction, no collusion, case closed.”

Just earlier than the talk, the Director of National Intelligence declassified files that show Pence is correct.

Don’t overlook, an investigation into the Obama administration’s actions through the 2016 marketing campaign is ongoing.

And one FBI lawyer has already pled guilty to making false statements.

It’s not onerous in any respect to observe the string that leads from “spying on the Trump campaign” to “refusing to accept the election results” to “impeachment.”

And it’s one thing they don’t need to discuss a lot today. Just ask Kamala Harris.

Vice President Pence added, “And then, Senator Harris, you and your colleagues in the Congress, trying to impeach the President of the United States over a phone call.”

Hillary Clinton to Biden: Don’t Concede The Election

On left-wing fees that Trump received’t settle for a peaceable switch of energy if he loses the election, Pence flipped the script.

“And now, Hillary Clinton actually said to Joe Biden that, in her words, under no circumstances should he concede the election.”

The media bias is obvious as day.

Why haven’t reporters or debate moderators harangued Team Biden about accepting the outcomes of the election ought to they lose?

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Only Republicans Seem To Talk About Impeachment These Days

In the primary presidential debate, impeachment was not talked about by the moderator Chris Wallace, although President Trump cited it just a few instances.

In the vice presidential debate, it was solely talked about when Mike Pence did so.

For years, impeachment gave the impression to be the one factor Democrats needed to speak about.

Now you received’t hear about it – until Republicans remind us of the duplicity the Democrats perpetrated.

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