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Survey finds practically 95% of DACA recipients plan to encourage family and friends to vote

The survey results, printed this week by the U.S. Immigration Policy Center on the University of California, San Diego; the National Immigration Law Center, the Center for American Progress; and United We Dream discover that DACA recipients have continued to be relentless in their civic engagement regardless of racist assaults designed to demoralize them.

“Nearly half of respondents, 46.1 percent, reported that they have become more politically active since receiving DACA,” the analysis said. “This includes 33.9 percent of respondents who reported that they contacted or tried to contact a member of Congress during the past 12 months and 30.0 percent of respondents who reported that they contacted or tried to contact a state or local elected official. It follows that the majority of respondents, 52.0 percent, reported that they have become more involved in their communities after receiving DACA.”

Survey recipients additionally expressed a robust dedication to preventing racial injustices like the state-sanctioned police killings of Black women and men all throughout the U.S.

The survey discovered practically 90% of respondents “reported that they support or strongly support the Black Lives Matter movement. This support has also translated into action, as 41.2 percent reported that, during the past 12 months, they had participated in a campaign to protest the killing of Black people.” Participating in protests can come with extra dangers for DACA recipients: Some have been arrested by police and then turned over to federal immigration officials, placing their lives right here within the U.S. in danger.

But at the same time as they’re preventing again on the poll field and within the streets, “DHS’ continued attacks on DACA are weighing heavily on the minds of DACA recipients”—as is the continued novel coronavirus pandemic that has now killed over 200,000 Americans and has even contaminated the uppermost regions of a reckless White House.

“Like most Americans, DACA recipients have been grappling with the devastating economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the analysis continued. “Of respondents who are currently employed, 25.8 percent, reported having either their work hours or pay reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among respondents who are currently not employed, 45.1 percent reported that they lost their job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Further “underscoring the importance of the intersection of immigration status and economic recovery,” the analysis additionally discovered that almost one-quarter of respondents had somebody of their family who was denied a federal stimulus examine resulting from their immigration standing, regardless that they filed taxes. But all of that is additionally why “DACA recipients are fired up to get involved to fight for our future,” Macedo do Nascimento continued.

“Despite being unable to vote, DACA recipients are ensuring their voices are heard,” she stated. “The results of the survey also showed that DACA recipients’ continue to be deeply concerned about the threat of deportation and family separation should DACA end, in addition to concern about added hardships as a result of COVID-19. It’s imperative that DHS rescind their latest memo limiting the DACA program, so recipients can feel safe in renewing and also so eligible youth can apply for the first time.” See the total survey findings here.

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