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There’s one thing fishy about this week’s rescued tales

Rescued Stories from 7PM EST Friday Nov. 13 to 7PM Friday Nov. 20, 2020

Community Spotlight’s Rescue Rangers learn each story printed by Community writers. When we uncover superior work that isn’t receiving the eye it deserves, we rescue it to our group blog and publish a weekly assortment—like this one—every Saturday. Rescue priorities and actions have been defined in a earlier version: Community Spotlight: Rescuing your excellent stories for over 14 years. You can also discover a hyperlink in Meteor Blades’ “Night Owls” sequence, which publishes day by day between 10-11PM EST.

Diwali – Triumph of Good over evil by kkodithala

Last Saturday was Diwali, a pageant of sunshine. “Hindus imagine that mild symbolizes the triumph of goodness (mild) over evil (darkness). The Diya is the image that evil will finally be overcome.” As a baby in India, Kkodithala questioned the vacation’s symbolism. “If the evil is overcome, why can we nonetheless see it all over the place?” As an grownup within the U.S., he detects subtleties that result in a higher understanding. “I was fine with this symbolism until I learned more about World War II, the Holocaust … and other atrocities … The only way the ‘bad guys’ kept their people on their side was by keeping them in ignorance. While all of this was obvious, I never saw this in real time until 2016.”

For the City of Detroit, With Love and Gratitude by srsjones

The creator describes discovering himself the one white younger man in a bunch of Black younger males in 1960s Detroit, a spot Republicans take into account the poster youngster for Democratic failure. “Somebody stated one thing about homosexual folks he noticed on TV. He stated one thing unhealthy. I spoke up. I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to take it anymore. And there we have been, confronting one another on a avenue on the east aspect of Detroit; all of us out of the blue all absorbing new info.” Those males’s response to studying he was homosexual allowed srsjones to really feel “for the first time in my life there were people who treated me like a human being.”

Dawn Chorus: Baby It’s Cold Outside by giddy thing

A record-setting early snowstorm with sub-zero temperatures impressed biologist giddy factor to elucidate how wild birds adapt to winter climate and the way we might help them. Using textual content and photographs, she particulars bodily and behavioral variations that enable birds to outlive chilly climate. “I’m Not Fat, I’m Fluffy. On those extra-cold days, a bird will fluff out its feathers to create air pockets that trap heat between its body and feathers.”

A Tiger Walks… by mohistory2

The creator employs a Disney film about an escaped tiger stalking native residents as a metaphor for the traumas BIPOC have endured in America. “On Oct. 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus unleashed the first of what would eventually end up being millions of metaphorical tigers into America over the next five centuries.” But there’s a catch: “(S)hockingly, somewhere around a half a century ago, those metaphorical hungry tigers stopped restricting their movements to only nonwhite victims … So many of the very mechanisms that were long ago designed to make it easier for those tigers to target POC are now enabling them to statistically pick off even greater numbers of white people. Which leaves us in the year 2020, between a proverbial rock and a hard place.”

Some thoughts on Democratic “Messaging” and the Annoying Tactics of the “Woke” Left by GrafZeppelin127

Everyone agrees that Democratic messaging must be strengthened going ahead. However, as GrafZeppelin127 factors out, is the issue actually the get together’s left wing, or is de facto how the whole Democratic get together is portrayed within the media? “Why am I, and so many people, getting a unique ‘message’ from Democrats than the one … that everybody else is getting, and the way is that the Democrats’ fault? Maybe the higher query is that this: Is cancel tradition/wokeness a message that persons are getting from Democrats, or about Democrats? I feel that’s a critically essential distinction.”

Consumer Capitalism Stumbles Towards Collapse by veritas curat

Veritas seems at our economic system, what it’s, who it serves, and who serves it. “The true nature of shopper capitalism turns into clearer in occasions of disaster. And on this disaster, it’s revealing its true nature as a sacrificial cult. Sacrificing the planet for short-term income and reveling in keen human sacrificial victims. Its political energy has been underestimated by those that, like me, have been following the polls and hopefully anticipating an enormous Blue Wave landslide. I woefully underestimated the willingness of the populace to sacrifice themselves in service to the economic system.”

Mariah lives in Estes Park. A Colorado State Open Thread, 11/16/2020 by ColoTim

The creator and his spouse moved from Denver to Estes Park two years in the past, regardless of his considerations about “having a fire destroy my house while I’m away for the day, and having to commute in the snow.” ColoTim relates how they’ve survived each wildfire and snow-packed roads, and found a brand new concern. “One factor we didn’t know to plan for, however which has been very impactful is that Estes Park, within the six months of winter, is a really windy place.” He calls this wind Mariah, after the track “They Call the Wind Mariah” from the musical Paint Your Wagon. “(S)he does give us loads of one in all my favourite pure sounds on the earth—the sound of wind by the pine boughs, however when she thunders on by, we do typically cringe and hope that we’re not dropping issues being blown away into the forest.”

Why Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante Matter by DrMarmot

Reversing Trump’s actions towards these nationwide monuments is among the many motion objects for the brand new administration. DrMarmot lays out why the struggle to revive the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments is a “crucial action for the advancement of social justice.” It’s greater than returning entry to indigenous peoples and eradicating extractive industrial makes use of. “Public lands, then, mean much more than any one value or interest group, as important as any of those values or groups may be. They are a means by which we can achieve our best, most democratic aspirations.”

mRNA Vaccines by lyleoross

Using simple to know language, lyleoross explains the function of mRNA, why the brand new vaccines should be saved at such chilly temperatures, and private considerations about these vaccines. “What Moderna claims to have done is to modify that lipid sack. They’ve made it hardier, more resistant to RNases, and other factors that might break open the sack prior to delivery. (But) Moderna won’t tell us what that technology is, it’s proprietary.”

The Cruelty Of the Trump Era Is What Hurts My Heart by dsnottselliott

This creator turns a well-known theme—“The cruelty is the point!”—into a light rant that expresses what many people are feeling. “These 30 million-plus folks don’t flip away from the cruelty. They LOOK for it. They LOVE it, and the extra they see the extra they wish to see—and one factor they’ll depend on Trump (and acolytes like Stephen Miller) for is to supply MORE of it. They don’t trouble with pretense about not seeing. They more and more boast about it and asking for extra!”

Dispatches From A Pandemic Guinea Pig by bradx2

This new member’s first story is a private account of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine research. Bradx2 explains how they linked with the research and the steps concerned for research topics. “I’m a relatively healthy 47-year-old guy, and a bit of a science geek, so I thought it would be interesting and a fun cocktail party story whenever we can have those again … Technically I don’t know for sure if I’m in the vaccine group or not, but I doubt my body could produce a placebo-effect that strong, so it’s a safe assumption that I was given the vaccine.”

A house divided by Frank Palmer

The creator begins by acknowledging that the pundits have been right about “how divided the nation is.” Citing Republican and Democratic widespread and Electoral College vote information by state, Frank analyzes the Electoral College’s structural strengths and weaknesses, pointing towards methods for Democrats to handle the built-in Republican benefits. “Democrats complain that they have to carry greater than 50% of the favored vote to succeed in 50% of the electoral vote. Many blame that on the various small (in inhabitants) states that are stable Republican. That’s one trigger, and you’ll see it within the listing the place the stable Republican states have 15% of the electoral vote however solely 12% of widespread vote.”

The Daily Bucket– The Creek’s Roaring and Billy’s Watching by 6412093 (AKA Redwoodman)

Billy is a superb blue heron who commonly visited Redwoodman’s yard till he didn’t. “(W)hen Billy didn’t come to my yard for just a few months, I went trying.”  With annotated photographs, Redwoodman describes the crops and hydrology of a wetland close to his residence the place he noticed Billy perched on a berm. “Hard rains just swept across NW Oregon and vicinity. The creeks climbed their banks … Upstream of Bethany Lake, a half-milewide grassy meadow has transformed into a nicely braided creek with a half dozen channels. Elephant-eye-high cattails hide the numerous backwaters but the ducks, herons, nutria, fish, and frogs seek every corner.”

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