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To Do Politics or Not Do Politics? Tech Start-Ups Are Divided

The start-up tradition wars are additionally evident on Clubhouse, the place individuals be a part of rooms and chat with each other. The app has been a well-liked place for traders reminiscent of Marc Andreessen and different techies to hang around within the pandemic. (Mr. Andreessen’s enterprise agency, Andreessen Horowitz, has invested in Clubhouse, Coinbase and Soylent.)

On Oct. 6, Mr. Andreessen began a Clubhouse room known as “Holding Space for Karens,” which describes having empathy for “Karens,” a slang time period for a pushy privileged girl. Another group, “Holding Space for Marc Andreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessen,” quickly popped up. There, individuals mentioned their disappointment with the Karen dialogue and different cases when, they stated, Clubhouse was hostile to individuals of colour.

Mr. Andreessen and others later began a Clubhouse room known as “Silence,” the place nobody spoke. Andreessen Horowitz declined to remark.

At a “town hall” contained in the app on Sunday, Clubhouse’s founders, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, have been requested about Coinbase’s and Expensify’s political statements and the place Clubhouse stood. They stated the corporate was nonetheless deciding how Clubhouse would publicly again social causes and felt the platform ought to enable for a number of factors of view, a spokeswoman stated. She declined to remark additional.

Yet even these wishing to remain out of politics are discovering it laborious to keep away from. On Saturday, Mr. Armstrong shared Mr. Rhinehart’s weblog publish endorsing Mr. West on Twitter. “Epic,” tweeted Mr. Armstrong.

Several customers identified the hypocrisy in Mr. Armstrong’s sharing one thing political after telling workers to abstain. One of his workers, Jesse Pollak, wrote that Mr. Armstrong had shared one thing with “a large number of inaccuracies, conspiracy theories, and misplaced assumptions.”

Soon after, Mr. Pollak and Mr. Armstrong deleted their tweets.

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