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Trump toadies craft ‘report’ accusing prime Voice of America reporter of not liking Dear Leader sufficient

Trump’s new explicitly partisan enforcers for Voice of America and the federal company that oversees it, the U.S. Agency of Global Media (USAGM), have been making names for themselves with similar insertions of their own political goals into VoA reporting. Trump’s new USAGM CEO, Michael Pack, is a Steve Bannon-associated hack who has earned the ire of even the company’s earlier Republican hires. NPR has beforehand reported that Pack “openly broods over questions of loyalty” in his company, and he’s described as—go determine, for a Bannon-linked Trump rent—one thing of an obsessed and “paranoid” lunatic.

What’s been clear in each company, from William Barr’s Department of “Justice” all the way down to this trio of minor however devoted crackpots, is that Trump hires based mostly on a willingness to interrupt legal guidelines on his behalf. That a given federal employee could be protected by regulation from being retaliated towards for political causes doesn’t enter their heads. It is just not a priority. Trump has pardon energy, and seemingly each low-tier sycophant in his orbit seems to genuinely consider that Trump will use his energy to reward them, personally, for tearing up the place—and that Trump might be in workplace without end, thus fixing all issues that will crop up down the street.

We’ll see.

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