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Trump's remaining act is a horror-comedy, and nobody on the earth is aware of how one can cowl it

Right now, each journalist in America is not only strolling a tightrope, however undoubtedly swaying backward and forward. When the person presently occupying the White House is brazenly and with out query making an attempt to conduct a coup that will crush democracy and switch the nation right into a single occasion dictatorship, how can that not be handled as essentially the most severe risk in America’s historical past? On the opposite hand, when the staff supposedly main this overthrow is delivering their manifesto from the parking zone of Four Seasons Total Landscaping, how can it not be simply … hilarious?

A bug-eyed Rudy Giuliani jabbing his finger into the sky as hair dye drips to his chin is objectively ridiculous. Sidney Powell claiming that Donald Trump’s downfall was plotted out in a gathering with a long-dead Venezuelan dictator is ridiculous. Jenna Ellis telling reporters that they need to report the whole lot Trump’s staff claims—as whether it is truth—is ridiculous. And Giuliani stepping again to the microphone to say “There is no person right here who engages in fantasies” was in all probability the largest single producer of coffee-out-the nostril hilarity of the week—per week that features each Four Seasons Total Landscaping and Giuliani’s star flip within the new Borat film.

At this second in time, it’s unimaginable to differentiate between Republicans who’re genuinely attempting to destroy democracy, and those that simply search a candy gig on Fox News. And certain, this additionally applies to most different moments in time, however this week each the risk and the foolish each turned the dials as much as 11, or 111, on the identical time. And simply how do you report on that?

Celebrate Biden’s victory, and get referred to as a pollyanna. Point out that Trump is absolutely attempting to overthrow that victory, and be relegated to the voices of doom. Exactly how ought to reporters deal with issues, when what could possibly be the most dangerous situation in the nation’s history can be undoubtedly a scam for money, and in addition the most preposterous situation imaginable

When a lawyer that represents essentially the most highly effective man on the planet is significantly sitting on tv saying that the vote in each swing state ought to be overturned and a dictatorship initiated, however she’s additionally saying it after a press convention by which she additionally introduced that Trump was defeated by a cabal composed of the Clinton Foundation, George Soros, Hugo Chavez, and antifa … simply how a lot weight does it get?

It’s simple sufficient to say “just report the facts,” however info outdoors of context are ineffective, and the entire job of each journalist, whether or not at The Washington Post or Daily Kos, is to current these info in a means that turns into data, empowers choices, and allows motion. How do you report on the political equal of an invasion by Tickle Me Elmo dolls? Even if they’re blood-sucking Elmos … does that assist?

The truth is, the American system has a number of roadblocks in place which are meant to maintain anybody from changing into a dictator, expressly as a result of “guy in top job decides he really wants to keep the gig” was a type of issues that basically did come up once they have been making use of goose quill to parchment. There are explanation why folks, myself included, have issued scads of items alongside the “calm down, it’s all going to be peachy” theme. On the opposite hand, there’s a cause why Masha’s Gessen’s sadly prescient Autocracy: Rules for Survival was most on the nostril when it stated “Institutions will not save you.” Again and once more Trump has demonstrated that means, means, means an excessive amount of of the American system existed within the types of custom, unwritten guidelines, and expectations that individuals would possess an ethical compass that pointed no less than to the appropriate hemisphere. 

Any story that begins proper now with the concept that Trump “can’t” do one thing as a result of it might violate precedent, and even violate the regulation, ought to simply return to sq. one. Trump is a criminal and a liar. He does unlawful issues whereas mendacity about it. Does it actually matter that Trump’s crack authorized staff is 2-33 in court docket and simply offered a decide proof from the fallacious state, when everybody attempting to carry Trump to account is zero for infinity?  

Trump’s a harmful monster. And an ignorant dickhead. It would possibly look like the second cancels out the primary, however we’ve had 4 years to see that it doesn’t.

Right now, Trump is engaged in an overt effort to tear aside the nation. And as The Washington Post reviews, Republicans are doing what they’ve demonstrated to be their go-to transfer: Staying out of Trump’s means. How scary is Trump’s effort to show the nation into one of many single occasion dictatorships he so admires? Exorcist scary. How laughable is it? Puffy shirt laughable. 

Expect the identical battle from nearly each story created between now and Jan. 20, 2021.

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