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WWE Hell in a Cell 2020: Results, full recap and new champions


Hell in a Cell could also be a “B” pay-per-view — which means, not Royal Rumble, WrestleMania or SummerSlam — however it was probably the most notable WWE occasions in months. A whole lot of that’s due to the principle occasion, the place Randy Orton pinned Drew McIntyre to win the WWE Championship.

It’s not simply that, although. The Miz beat Otis in a head-scratcher of a match to win the Money within the Bank championship, which suggests we may see an tried money in by The Miz someday quickly. And later, Sasha Banks beat Bayley in a fantastic Hell in a Cell bout to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship. 

We now look forward to Survivor Series. Taking place on Nov. 22, it will be a celebration of the Undertaker’s 30 years in WWE. 

Your new WWE Champ. 


Randy Orton turns into 15x World Champion

Randy Orton pinned Drew McIntyre clear, with an RKO, to develop into WWE Champion within the present’s foremost occasion. 

The match began quizzically, with Orton, dressed as a cameraman, ambushing McIntyre as McIntyre was getting into the Cell. McIntyre fought Orton off, and the match started. After some first rate motion, Orton reduce open the chain that had locked the Cell and tried to retreat. This ended with each Orton and McIntyre on prime of the Cell.

After some brawling, the 2 started to descend by climbing down the facet. Orton battered McIntyre, who fell from the Cell by means of an announcer’s desk. From right here, the match slowed all the way down to a crawl — however in a great way. The drama from right here on out was glorious.

McIntyre did a improbable job of promoting. Orton dragged him again into the ring and setup the RKO. McIntyre countered with a rollup try, just like the one he used to beat Orton at SummerSlam. He then hit a Claymore on Orton, who rolled outdoors the ring. McIntyre then threw Orton again into the ring and setup a Claymore. He missed, Orton hit an RKO and have become a 15 time world champion.

Rating: 3.75 stars. The first half of the match was common, the second half excellent. 

Bobby Lashley beats Slapjack 

This impromptu bout between Bobby Lashley and Retribution’s Slapjack was for the United States Championship. After a fast, nothing match, Lashley submitted Slapjack with the Hurt Lock. After the match, Mustafa Ali got here to the ring with the remainder of Retribution. Lashley single-handedly fought them off, after which the Hurt Business hit the ring. Retribution fled.

Rating: 1 star. RIP Retribution. 

Sasha Banks beats Bayley

After a prolonged Hell in a Cell match, Sasha Banks grew to become SmackDown Women’s Champion after she made Bayley faucet out. 

This was a protracted, back-and-forth match. It was flawed bout, feeling disjointed at occasions, however in the end an excellent one. Banks is totally superior, with inventive offense all through and likewise some excellent promoting. She hit Bayley with quite a few inventive Meteoras all through — working up a desk, off the ringside into the cage, and so forth —  and in the end received with a Banks Statement augmented with a chair round Bayley’s neck.

Bayley did effectively on her half, too. I’ve typically discovered her offense unconvincing, and that was a difficulty at factors right here. But she was excellent when it counted, particularly in the direction of the tip because the depth constructed to the tip. It’s onerous doing a 20 minute-plus Cell match in entrance of a digital crowd, and these performers each did nice.

Rating: four stars. Imperfect, however distinctive. 

The Miz pins Otis to win Money within the Bank briefcase

The Miz pinned Otis after Tucker betrayed his Heavy Machinery tag-team associate. Otis smashed Otis within the head with the briefcase when the ref wasn’t trying, with the Miz pinning Otis instantly after. 

The match main as much as this second was subaverage. Miz offense is usually weak, and that is made extra evident whenever you’re anticipated to take it critically in opposition to a a lot bigger opponent. John Morrison, Miz’ tag associate, intervened at varied factors, and was ejected moments earlier than Tucker’s betrayal.

It was a shocker when Otis received the briefcase, much more so as soon as Roman Reigns grew to become champion. It’s onerous to think about a protracted program between Reigns and Otis, a little bit simpler to see Reigns defeat a difficult Miz. 

The incontrovertible fact that Miz received this match makes the cutesy construct, which was largely a comedy skit that includes JBL as adjudicating a spat between Miz and Otis, all of the extra galling.

Rating: 2 stars. 

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias ends with DQ

A SmackDown-quality match with a SmackDown-quality ending. 

After an OK match, Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Elias. He went for a Swanton Bomb however Elias rolled out of the ring and tried to assault Hardy along with his guitar. Hardy blocked him, took the guitar and smashed it over Elias’ again, resulting in an unceremonious DQ.

Rating: 1.5 stars. Just there. 

Roman Reigns makes Jey Uso say ‘I Quit’

Hell in a Cell opened with Roman Reigns versus Jey Uso, an I Quit match inside a Cell cage. After a protracted, dramatic bout, Reigns made Jey say “I Quit” when Reigns locked a guillotine onto Jey’s twin brother Jimmy.

This match was similar to their confrontation at Clash of Champions. It began with improbable back-and-forth motion (totally different from their Clash match, which was virtually all Reigns), after which slowed down for the ultimate stretch. Reigns had speared Jey 3 times and locked on a guillotine, after which Jey was largely immobile. When Jey refused to stop, Reigns hit a Driveby dropkick onto the metal steps, which smashed into Jey’s head.

Reigns took the metal steps and laid them atop Jey, telling him to stop. When Jey, who was mainly lifeless, refused, Jimmy bumped into the cage (defeating the aim of getting a cage) and begged him to cease. Reigns acted contrite, and shook Jimmy’s hand — earlier than locking on a guillotine, resulting in Jey quitting to avoid wasting Jimmy.

The dynamic motion that the primary two-thirds of the bout consisted of was glorious. Reigns is a fierce heel, and Jey’s offence as an underdog babyface is improbable. The dramatic highpoint got here when Jey introduced out a strap and started choking Reigns, who started to cross out. Ultimately, it will be Reigns’ guillotine choke moments later that ended Jey.

After the match, Afa and Sika, Reigns’ dad and uncle, topped him the Tribal Chief. 

Rating: 3.5 stars. Very good. The storyline was virtually similar in idea and execution as final month’s match, making it much less efficient. The final third, the place Jey was lifeless and Reigns was attempting to eek an “I Quit” out of him, additionally may have been trimmed by a couple of minutes. But the motion continuing it was glorious. 

Kickoff Show Results

R-Truth defended his 24/7 Championship on the Kickoff Show, taking over challenger Drew Gulak. Truth pinned Gulak in a brief match to retain his title.

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